For parties, proms, weddings or to/from the airport, you can find the most appropriate Limousine Rental Services in Fargo. Call them now for availability, rates and service details

Fargo Party Ride
3317 Fiechtner Dr S
Fargo, ND - 58103
(701) 371-3615 Website
Fargo's Ultimate Nightlife Bus
4741 Clock Tower Ln S
Fargo, ND - 58103
(701) 361-4456 Website
Legacy Limousine
505 3rd Ave N
Fargo, ND - 58107
(701) 388-9999 Website
Excaliber Limousine
434 3rd St N
Fargo, ND - 58102
(701) 730-6023 Website
Fargo Metro Taxi and Limo Service
1119 11th St S
Fargo, ND - 58103
(701) 799-8645 Website
Lucky 7 Limousine & Coach Service
909 14th St N
Fargo, ND - 58102
(701) 232-8763

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